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Mybee Stain remover (spray type)

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  • South Korea South Korea
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l Mybee Stain remover (spray type) l


  • Clean baby cloth with washing ingredients originated plants.
  • Safely removes stains and odors caused by formula, spit-up,food, urine, vomit, diarrhea and more.
  • Easy working with spray types.
  • Using orange extracts and green tea extracts to clean and sterilize.


  • 500ml(100 x 70 x 240)

The first living goods for my sweet baby

= Safe, Mild & Environment Friendly living goods for my baby

  • All prodcuts of Mybee made with safe and trusty ingredients for baby
  • Mybee care about the environment for future generation as a neutral detergent
  • Robust export to Taiwan, Hong Kong , Russia due to high quality of products
  • *Mybee has products of all-range for living goods

    • Nursing : breast pad, milk container, etc.
    • Oral care : toothpaste & toothbrush for new born babies, tissue type tooth cleaner
    • Baby laundry : liquid detergent , fabric softener
    • Baby hygiene: baby soap, wet tissue, etc.